Welcome to the NSW division of GESSS

10th of November 2017

The three sisters are an icon of NSW geology, the weathered sandstone has inspired legends, stories and hold a special place in our memories. For many it is the first exposure we get to the wild beauty of frontier NSW.

At GESSS NSW we’re hoping to create memories of a different but equally impressive frontier. For some this is the first conference you attend in your career and we are excited to see what you’ve been doing.

We want to help you showcase what you’ve learned to the academic community,
Government bodies and Private Industry alike.

Who are we?

G.E.S.S.S. stands for the GSA Earth Sciences Student Symposium!

Yes we know that’s a bit of a mouthful that’s why we made the acronym. We are a student body which ultimately wanted to see what it was like to organise a conference.

By the Students for the Students.

Thanks to the great support and mentoring we’ve been given by the GSA NSW division we’re actually going to try to put one on! The GSA is the Geological Society of Australia, and if this is your first time hearing of them I would encourage you to check them out. If you’re in Earth Sciences in Australia they’re a great group to be a part of.

Our conference will be on a range of topics which depends on what abstracts are submitted! If you think you’ve got something good, we’d love to hear about it!